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Holiday fun with Whiz Kidz

We had such a varied catalogue of activities running at Whiz Kidz from cookery, science, arts and crafts to messy sessions such as clay and candy making.

We spent days out in the great outdoors and the weather never beat us we just embraced it! Wellies and coats and no one noticed!!

Beach visits rock pooling, nature reserves to feed the ducks swans birds and squirrels not to mention parks where games of hide and seek, tag as well as imagination games, we certainly heard some interesting stories and games!

Children made new friends, improved social skills from settling disputes and learning to share to seeing others view points, to understanding differences in opinions and abilities. All valuable life skills.

We are confident that every adult and child who attended workshops and activities days learned new skills and had a fabulous time. We had great feedback and it seemed that every day was "best day ever"

Job done!

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