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It's GR82SK8!



Roller Discos are a great way of providing an activity party for a small or large group of children.


Our Roller Discos are 2 hours and this includes a break for food or refreshments.


We can organise a venue where we have already completed risk assessments, or you can arrange to hire a venue yourself.


If you do want to look for a venue please note the following;

  • It needs to have a hard floor, not ‘cushioned’

  • Be allowed by owner/committee/trustee of the venue to be used for roller skating .

  • Must be clear of obstacles and be large enough to accommodate the skaters

  • Have an area or areas for parents to sit or stand that is not on the skate area.

  • ​Our skates are only used indoors and have non-marking wheels.

  • Skaters may use their own skates, but these will need to be checked 1st to ensure they comply.

  • We need it booked for 3 hours (minimum), to allow 2 hours for the event and 1 hour for set up and clear down.


We prefer to visit the hall prior to the event to undertake a risk assessment and check out the best area for the disco and lighting equipment.


Party parents normally organise food themselves but we do find that most popular are simple snacks and drinks with the children... so don’t go overboard!


For safety reasons we do not allow food and drink on the skating area so a separate room or corner is required.

We provide qualified skate coaches and undertake a lesson at the start with the skaters to set everyone off safely.


Disco and lights are included and we can run song requests for the guests.


We actively encourage parents to leave the children to learn to balance for themselves and find that within 15 mins generally even the wobbliest skater will have mastered their balance. By the end of the party everyone who has persevered will be skating and having fun.

Where parents, with best intentions, intervene and try to hold up the skater this prolongs their learning and leaves the parents with strained backs and pulled muscles! Additionally it adds to numbers on the skate area and increases the possibility of collisions..Everyone is always amazed at the skaters progress so it really is a case of sitting back and allowing them to learn. We provide safety pads free of charge if required although these are designed for reduction of abrasion injury which is a rarity in indoor skating.


We do have some toddler skates so little ones can be included.


We have a Facebook page dedicated to skating where you can see videos and pictures.


Next step is to send us an enquiry...


We can then get back to you with a price.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Roller Dog Right New Whiz Kidz Logo.png
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