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Fuel your passion for sewing and all things fabric with New Look Sewing Patterns! Create an adorable outfit for your little one. Ideal for ages six months to four years, your young trendsetter can stay chic with the charming dresses featured in this pattern.

All patterns include a list of materials required to complete your design, along with size measurements and diagrams to guide you along. Each pattern features a range of styles so you can pick the right one for you!

Get hooked on sewing in style and discover the rest of this range of amazing sewing patterns which include fantastic designs for tops, dresses, hats, scarfs, bags, toys, jackets and much more to try your crafty hand at!

  • Brand: New Look
  • Pattern code: N6647
  • Garment type: Child's dresses
  • For ages six months to four years
  • Please see images for more information

New Look Child's Dress Sewing Pattern N6647

New Look Child's Dresses Sewing Pattern 6442

N6647 Girls Dress Pattern

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