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“Heart Felt” Crafts for Valentines

Whether you enjoy baking, sewing or arts and crafts we have all the supplies you need without breaking the bank.

Use it as a way to involve family and friends. Send each other little doorstep gifts, get the kids involved making too. Leave mystery gifts for neighbours. After all everyone loves receiving.

Whether it’s simple red felt hearts on a string to add bunting to your window or more involved padded hearts to test your sewing skills they’ll make lovely gifts to remind someone you care.

We’ve created a felt craft pack specially with this in mind so take a look....

Our baking packs are always popular and we have added new recipes for simple baking. We’ve test run the brownies and the only trouble is you need some willpower to not eat the lot. With Sausage and cheese puff turnovers, Garlic dough balls, Scones with jam, Heart cupcakes, Double Chocolate Smartie brownies, Mint choc cheesecake, You’ll probably burst if you bake it all in one go so you may need to share with a friend or two! Reckon that neighbour would love a piece of brownie!! I often pop some scones and jam into our elderly neighbours when I’m having a baking session and it’s really appreciated. We provide all ingredients and with our easy to use kits you won’t be chained to the oven all day.

Check out our wooden craft sets, in various designs and complexity they are suitable for adults and children. So not only designed as a fun relaxing activity you can create a memory to keep and share, don’t worry it’s not all soppy hearts we have some monsters or ‘love bugs’ to engage those who are not quite so on board with the sentiments of the season as well as some 3D rainbows which have become the symbol of hope during these difficult lockdowns.

These are just a few items of our Valentines range and we believe there’s never been a better time to share the love and let family, friends and neighbours know that you care!

We love seeing your makes so please do send us your pictures and we will share them to inspire others.

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